Workshops to Support Families and Protect Children

by | Jan 4, 2023

Waldo Community Action Partners is honored to announce its participation in the Front Porch Project of Maine, which is supported by Maine Children’s Trust. We have received funding to facilitate trainings this year to educate our community on how they can help prevent and respond to child abuse and neglect.

The Front Porch Project is a research-based program developed by the American Humane Association, guided by the Butler Institute for Families. Workshops provide strategies to the general public on how we can all support and strengthen families in our community, which will protect children.

Everyone can do something to protect children and prevent abuse and neglect, with support and guidance. These workshops will normalize discussion regarding child abuse and help individuals build skills and increase confidence to intervene in order to support children and families in our community.

Free workshops can be provided to civic groups, parent/teacher groups, rotary clubs, church groups, and others in Waldo County. The workshop is two hours long, but could potentially be divided into two, one-hour sessions.

If you are interested in hosting, please contact Marina Kinney at (207) 338-6809 or [email protected].