StrandTheatre: THE HUNDRED YEAR HAUNT June 17

by | Jun 12, 2023

A Ghost Story Slam, film screenings, and more!

Join us for these spooky happenings!

3-5pm: Ghosty Arts and Crafts for Pre-K and Elementary age kids (Free admission)

5pm: GHOST STORY SLAM* (Free Admission)

6pm: ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN film screening (1948, Comedy/Horror) 
(regular ticket pricing)

8pm: FRANKENSTEIN film screening (1931, Horror) (regular ticket pricing)

Unless you’re from away you probably already know the Strand Theatre is celebrating its centennial this year. On any given day if you stop by the theatre the staff will happily tell you about the ghosts occupying the old building. Toilets flushing on their own, lights turning on and off, strange noises – nothing too crazy, just your typical friendly ghosts. These ghosts planted the idea for some spooky summer programming and THE HUNDRED YEAR HAUNT was born! After all, who doesn’t love a ghost story around a campfire…or in an old dark theatre?

It also happens that 207 years ago on the summer solstice, Mary Shelley and her friends held a ghost story contest while summering near Lake Geneva. It was there that 19-year-old Mary began to write her classic novel “Frankenstein.” Mary’s ghost story contest is the inspiration for the Ghost Story Slam.

*Ghost Story Slam: Think poetry slam, or an open mic, but for ghost stories. People of all ages are invited to submit stories they would like to read aloud.   Or, folks may submit stories and request they be presented by a professional actor or radio personality, like Liz McCleod of Strand On The Air. Stories should be submitted by June 15 to [email protected]. Stories should be spooky and may be any length; however, if it takes longer than five minutes to read (about 800 words) a short passage will be chosen to be presented aloud.

Then, stick around and watch ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN at 6pm. This horror comedy released in 1948 features all the Universal monsters together in one feature goofing around with Abbott and Costello.

THE HUNDRED YEAR HAUNT culminates with the 8pm screening of James Whale’s 1931 FRANKENSTEIN film. In its day this film was an early talkie and a blockbuster solidifying Universal Studios as the “monster movie studio.”

One thing is certain, ghost lovers and monster movie fans will have a good time in Rockland this Summer Solstice!

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