Sir Benedict the 3rd is looking for a home!

by | Feb 10, 2023

He’s handsome, and he knows it! If you’ve ever interacted with a Bengal/Bengal Mix, you know they have personality. Sir Benedict the 3rd is gorgeous, sassy, ridiculously photogenic, and ready to keep someone on their toes. As you can see, he wants to be the center of attention and, quite literally, be placed on a pedestal. If you’re looking for a cat overlord, look no further.

What to know –

Other cats? Meh, depends. He can be a bully sometimes.

Dogs? No clue!

Kids? Meh. He is a LOT of cat with sometimes sassy, aka spicy tendencies. Cat-savvy littles might be ok…

Want more info? Check out Sir Benedict the 3rd on the Pope Memorial Humane Society website!