Online Prophetic Training replay links

by | Jun 20, 2022


Meeting Recording Link: Here is the “Basic Training for the Gift of Prophecy” teaching for June 9th, called “Created to Hear.” I also taught on rivers of living waters that flow from your innermost in the power of love to others that manifest the sweet fragrance of Christ.

Activation: We had a fun glorious time during this prophetic session as people shared a prophetic word based on the meaning of their partner’s name. It was a spontaneous life-giving session as the Spirit weaved throughout in creative ways during the session.

Homework Assignment: The group is ask the Lord for a “New Name” that God has given to them. (See Revelation 2:17, 3:12, Isaiah 56:5, 62:2, 65:2). I received my new name years ago, which is very indicative of my calling. As a Biblical example, Abram’s name was changed to Abraham, which means “Father of many Nations.” Jacob’s name was changed to “Israel” which means “Let God Prevail.”

The Lord also may reveal to you (instead of a new name) the name of Biblical character that you can relate to, such as David. The question would be, “What characteristic of David do I have? People have prophesied to me that I have the mantle of David. Like David, I have the heart of a lover and the Spirit of a warrior – a worshipper of the Lord.

Would you like to join the prophetic class held bimonthly? To join, go to the FB page at and send a message to Victoria requesting to join the online group. Or you can contact Victoria directly via email at  [email protected]

EXTRA: Two Prophetic Tidbits.

1.      Don’t pursue the Lord’s power, but His love. His power flows from His eternal love. Seek His presence, and you will find His love where power flows.

2.       True Love, that arises from the heart of the Father, is both the door and the pathway to everything we do and accomplish.

In His great joy – Roy