Music that Creates Good Atmosphere & Elicits Strong Emotions.

by | Jul 19, 2022

Photo by: Spencer Reuillard

By Ron Staschak

Spencer is a breath of fresh air at WRFR. He pushes us to appreciate new and different music.  Check out his show on Saturday afternoon (3-5).

What do you do at the radio station?

I play various music from rock to classical, a lot of soundtrack stuff that’s moody, creates good atmosphere and elicits strong emotions.

Also been doing some live improve modular shows.

I try to encourage people to call in but they don’t seem to.

How long have you been volunteering?

Less than a year now, though I’ve had a show years back.

Why did you decide to volunteer/why did you want to have a show?

Mostly to get involved with the community and bring some music I know isn’t heard much on radio.

Other than the show you host, what is your favorite show?

The one that canceled so I could have a time slot, haha.

Is there a question I should have asked you?

Me? No. But it’d be cool to hear what drives other volunteers musical/audio passion

Why is the show called “The Speezy Spin?”

I had the nickname Speezy, and spinning like a dj/ ‘lets take a spin.’

Who are your favorite musicians?  Styles of music?

My favorite musicians would be Trent Reznor, Hans Zimmer, Maynard James Keenen.

I end up finding myself listening to alot of soundtrack stuff, moody types of instrumentals but I have a wide range of appreciations.


WRFR-LP is one of the first low power community radio stations in the US.  We have been broadcasting since 2002 and streaming since 2004.

We are all volunteer – now more than 60 strong. We play the music and host the talk shows – and we play what we like and say what we like, subject only to the FCC rules against profanity and our own principle that we must treat all members of our community with respect. We serve also as our own administrators and our own technicians.

You can listen by tuning in at 93.3 FM (Rockland, ME) or through our live stream at