Museum Talk to Feature “Capt. Lou Kenedy – The Last Schoonerman”

by | Feb 8, 2023

The Sail, Power, and Steam Museum will host “Captains’ Quarters” at 6:30 pm, Monday, February 13.  This online talk, the final of this winter’s Captains’ Quarters speaker series, will begin with an introduction by Captain Jim Sharp, joined by Patsy Bolling, Kenedy’s daughter.  Registration is required and available on the museum’s website: on the “Music and Calendar” tab.  Attendance is free.

In 1928, Kenedy quit college, left his wealthy family behind, and headed out to sea.  He mastered large cargo schooners and continued to work them for decades after they were considered obsolete.  He lived “on the edge,” running ten different ships (three were sunk, one by a U-boat), married a beautiful woman and raised four kids and a dozen dogs.  A true man of the sea, he was beloved by many.  His story is unique and will be of interest to anyone in love with the lure of the sea.

Kenedy’s daughter, Patsy Bolling, will join Capt. Jim Sharp (museum co-founder) with her own memories of her father.  Bolling herself is a serial yacht owner and yachting legend in her own right. From her first dingy (the “Tipky” – short for “This is Patsy Kenedy’s yacht”) to circumnavigating aboard Ted Turner’s yacht, American Eagle, her life has been closely tied to the sea.  Racing both yachts and cars, working as a stewardess for Bahama Airways, restoring multiple yachts including the renowned “Puritan,” her background clearly illustrates a sense of adventure that rivals that of her father.
Join us on Zoom on February 13 as we listen to Patsy Bolling and Jim Sharp share the story of Capt. Lous Kenedy: the Last Schoonerman.”