Museum Kicks Off New Season of Captains’ Quarters Online Talks

by | Oct 19, 2022

The Sail, Power, and Steam Museum will once again host their online lecture series, Captains’ Quarters beginning Monday, October 24.

Kicking off the season will be “Captains’ Quarters: Stories From The Captains of Square Riggers” will be held online, from 6:30 to 8:00pm.  Registration is required and available on the museum’s website: on the “Music and Calendar” tab. Attendance is free.

Of all the grand vessels that fought their way around Cape Horn, the extreme clipper is remembered the most. These great tall vessels spreading a veritable cloud of sail, blasting through mountainous seas are the dreams of today’s more adventurous captains. Vessels like the Flying Cloud are gone. To see a truly honest square rigged ship now-a-days is surely a rare occasion. To listen to the experiences first-hand of a skipper that has actually done this kind of sailing is equally rare. 

Joining us for the event will a group of captains who the museum would like to recognize for their skills and experiences.  We know it will be a fascinating evening as the following captains share their stores with museum co-founder, Capt. Jim Sharp:  Captains Kip Files, Steve Cobb, Paul DeOrsay, Dan Moreland, J.B. Smith, Jan Miles, Robert Douglas, Don Pecock, and more.

In the true spirit of our maritime heritage, it is suggested that people “grab a ‘tot’ of rum” (or a cup of tea), settle into the comfort of their own boat or home, fire up the woodstove during our now chilly fall evenings, and join Captain Sharp and the crew as they share photos, stories and history of these wonderful old vessels.  FMI: