Kenny Brings Laughs to the Airwaves with Jolly Jungle

by | Jun 27, 2022

Photo of Kenny Perryman

Welcome to another great addition to the WRFR community. Kenny has a great personality and positive attitude. His show The Jolly Jungle (Friday 4-5pm) is amazing.  Laughter is the best medicine and Kenny provides the best laughter.

What do you do at the radio station?

Call-in comedy talk-show host on The Jolly Jungle

How long have you been volunteering?

Just started. June 10th will be my first show.

Why did you decide to volunteer/why did you want to have a show?

I enjoy bringing laughter to people. I believe that there are too many divides in this country and the world as a whole. I will never discuss politics on the show or anything else that brings negative conversations. This show is for people who want to escape the negativity in the world. On my morning Facebook videos (Doobie and Coffee in the Morning with the Proper Dab Guy), my closing statement is “Make somebody laugh or smile today. Make his or her day a little bit brighter than when they first came upon you.” I strongly believe that if everyone makes it a habit to do that, this world would be a much better place.

In addition to motivating people to laugh, I know that there are many talented people in Maine. I want to emphasize and call attention to the many musicians, comedians, song writers, actors, authors, and other talented individuals in Maine.

Other than the show you host, what is your favorite show?

Live From The Pit with J-Lunatic. Love Jesse McFadden. He is funny and down-to-earth. Jesse had me on his show for two hours, and we had a blast.

Is there a question I should have asked you?

I co-host a YouTube show and do funny videos in the morning. I go into character, and people tend to believe that I am British. You might want to ask me about those things. What got me started. Why I started doing YouTube and the morning videos.

I am also a stand-up comedian. I perform at different events and venues around Maine.

How can someone watch your u-tube videos?  Is it a daily or weekly show? How is it different from your WRFR show?

Unfortunately, my YouTube channel is ending next week because of YouTube algorithms concerning cannabis related content. My daily morning videos are strictly comedic, whereas my YouTube show is educational with humor added. My WRFR show is humorous with segments such as Maine’s Got Talent, Weird and Wacky News Stories, and a funny tip of the day, I also do characters such as Papa Prune Juice, The Proper Dab Guy, and The Guy That Knows a Guy,

Can humor save the world? Who are your favorite comedians?

Humor definitely can save the world. At the end of each one of my videos and my radio show, I tell people to make someone smile or laugh, and make his or her day better than when he or she came upon you. I believe that If everyone makes a conscious effort to do this as much as possible, it will have a domino effect throughout society. Like negativity, positivity is contagious.

I don’t have a single favorite comedian. However, the ones that inspired me are George Carlin, Don Rickles, Steve Martin, Bill Cosby, Lewis Black, and Rodney Dangerfield. There are many more but those are the ones that standout. However, some of those comedians are politically oriented, and I don’t do politics. Also, I don’t swear in my routine. My stuff is not really PG but there are no curse words. I use other words in place of swear words. I just think it is funnier to do that