by | Jul 27, 2022

Grace for Change- A New Day

I hear the Lord whisper almost daily, “I have given you grace for change.” I also hear, “Everything is rapidly changing in your life.” Change is the transition that God ordains to take us from where we are to a better place. As God told Moses, “I have come down to bring them out of that land unto a good land, a land flowing with milk and honey” (Exodus 3:8). Like the children of Israel when they left Egypt, change can be radical, life altering, even dramatic. It can encompass a geographical relocation, a change in relationships, finances, ministry, its mission, and alignments. All for the glory and purpose of God of course.

Having gone through many changes in life, I know it takes grace to navigate through a transition. God’s grace is here to move us quickly to get us to where we need to be. To accomplish this, I also heard the Lord say, “I am freeing you from everything that has hindered you and has held you back.” Although this sounds liberating, the grace that brings us into a new season, often starts with the work of the Spirit in our own person.

With the notification of a change, I will often receive a glimpse of the future. Sometimes what I see is so “far out there,” it borders on ridiculous, impossible, improbable, and yet His grace always makes the impossible possible. Because of grace, I have seen every circumstance bow its knee to the Lord of Lords. Transitions thus requires faith in the one who orchestrates change.

When God opens a door, a window of opportunity presents itself for our response. Unfortunately, those who embrace comfort, the familiar, their traditions, and way of life, will stay in the same place. If we do nothing, we receive nothing. Without real change, we will always end up where we are.  If the heart of a person or Church is not in it, God will not do it. Crucial to transitions is the willingness to follow the Lord wherever He leads.

Not Me Lord

Change requires faith which is spelled RISK.  Faith takes courage with patience in order to inherit the promise (He. 6:12). It means stepping out of our comfort zone to go where we have never been before. For example, going to Pakistan to minister was NEVER on my radar. A wonderful loving family I know in Pakistan, asked me numerous times, “Roy, come to Pakistan.” My answer was nope! Definitely not me Lord, send someone else.

When I saw this families’ living conditions, and their faithfulness to follow Christ, my heart was moved with compassion. Despite having very little, their love for God, and for one another is a treasure one seldom sees in America. The pastor over a period of months, sent me videos of their ministry. When I saw the beautiful children, their loving congregation, and the people in the outlying villages they serve, my heart melted like butter. Soon I fell in love with this family, their ministry and for Pakistan and its people.

Because of love that fills my heart I have answered the call. Since then, doors of opportunities have flung wide open. God’s grace and favor always rest on those who follow His leading.  Love will lead you to walk on the road that God has ordained for you.

Another adventure begins. Another chapter is being written on the archives of my heart, and it is being penned by the Spirit of love.

In His heart with joy – Roy