Carriers of His Glory

by | Sep 10, 2022

   Here is the replay to last Thursdays Gift of Prophecy course. Just before the meeting, I heard the Father say “It is urgent that the people know it’s time to prepare for the coming move of the Spirit.” The title of the message is “Carriers of His glory.”

  Historically when the Spirit moves, it is poured out upon the people from heaven. I believe the next move of God doesn’t come from above, but through a people that rise and shine with the light of His glory.   Before God reveals His glory to the Nations, He will first reveal His glory to His people, and then through His people. As the Prophet Isaiah saw, the glory of the Lord will be so visible upon the face of His people, that Nations, even Kings, will come to partake of the light of their rising.

    It’s time for the Holy Spirit within you- Christ the hope of Glory, to fill you to overflowing, until you become a river of life that touch others around you. To be so filled with His glory, that wherever you walk, wherever you go, you impact the atmosphere with heaven, lives are transformed, and people are refreshed with the life of His presence.

Here is the link to this important timely message

   And here is the link to the second portion of the meeting, where the people responded to the message with added input and testimonies of God’s grace.

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In His eternal joy Roy