by | May 25, 2023

John & Emma

CAMDEN, ME, MAY 24, 2023 – Press Release – Bay View Collection is proud to announce that Emma Owen has been recently promoted to the role of Guest Services Manager, and John Chilton, a new Guest Services Associate, was recently awarded a Hospitality Maine Education Foundation Scholarship.

Emma Owen was born in Maine but grew up in Utah.. In the summer of 2021, Emma returned to the mid-coast and quickly found a home for herself in the hospitality industry. Emma has been with the Bay View Collection since the Fall of 2022, where she has enveloped herself in a passionate and friendly work culture. She loves the community she works in thanks to the affable locals, great surrounding businesses, and gracious guests which she has the privilege of working alongside.

Emma is excited to be the newest member of the management team at The Bay View Collection and looks forward to learning from her colleagues and their experiences. By assisting fellow associates in training, day to day tasks, guest services, and strong decision making, she will promote continued success for The Bay View Collection.

“I’m so grateful for the opportunities and experiences I’ve had since joining The Bay View Collection. My future in management involves new skills and challenges that excite me and motivate me to do my best. I’m looking forward to working with the rest of my team in this new role as we contribute to each other’s success and the success of the company as a whole”, says Emma.

Born in Rockport and raised in Camden, John Chilton is an aspiring hotelier who is grateful for the amazing community he grew up in and wants others to come visit and experience the Camden/Rockport area. Towards the end of the pandemic John was offered a position at the Samoset Resort, working catered events and conventions. His mentors there instilled a passion in him for welcoming visitors from far away to his home town and ensuring they’re well taken care of. This past fall he enrolled in the Hospitality Management program at Southern Maine Community College and completed his school year early in May. To cap off a very successful year of learning, working, and volunteering, John was awarded The Hospitality Maine Educational Foundation Scholarship along with a select handful of similarly aspiring students from all across Maine.

For his last duty of the school year, John was chosen to represent his classmates and speak at the signing of a transformative donation made to his program. Now that his academic responsibilities have subsided until he goes back to school in the fall, John is returning home this summer to join the Bay View Collection in Camden as a Guest Services Associate.

“I’m honored by this acknowledgement of my dedication and now even more committed to advancing the hospitality industry in Maine as well as my career within it. Regardless of the monetary aspect, this endorsement is a wonderful jumping off point for my presence in a community of industry professionals who I look up to”, says John.

“We are very proud of Emma’s and John’s hospitality pursuits and ambitions. They both have a great passion for the art of hospitality and providing our guests outstanding service and experiences. We are very lucky to have Emma and John and will continue to support their career and educational pursuits”, says Matthew Levin, Director of Hotels for the Bay View Collection.

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