by | Jul 11, 2022


A Walk With God

Each day I try to walk three miles. I call this my walk with Jesus. During this time, my whole focus is on listening to hear His voice to know His thoughts, and for fellowship partaking of the life of His presence. I will also openly (As King David did) share my thoughts, concerns and heart with our heavenly Father.

Lately I have been experiencing an open heaven. A time where the Spirit of the Lord imparts a deep understanding of truth, truth that explodes in my entire being. Truth that has the life of His presence, the life that renews the Spirit of my mind, enlarge my heart with His understanding, imparts His divine nature to my soul and energizes my spirit.

It is the piercing of the entrance of His word that brings true understanding.  It is one thing to have knowledge about God with an understanding of the Scripture, but another when the Spirit of wisdom and revelation enlightens our heart “In the knowledge of Jesus” (Ephesians 1:17). The present truth I am receiving, not only reveals the nature and person of Christ, but imparts the divine nature of His person into my being.  It is an infusion of who He is.

Without expounding too much on the following, I would like to share some basic insights I received in the past few days.

I heard on July 5th “A Harvest is coming, that of harvesting hearts.”

And on July 7thThe first harvest is for the heart of the church – His bride: many of my people call upon me the Lord said, but they do not know me. “

God is a God of relationship who is more interested in our heart, than in our ministry, good deeds and works that we do for Him. It is from the place of having a “heart to heart” relationship with our Heavenly Father, as Jesus did when He walked this earth, that we do the works He called us to do with Him, not for Him.

In His abundant life and joy – Roy