$20 Pet Microchips 6/29 at Pope Memorial Humane Society!

by | Jun 27, 2022

Until your pet has a cell phone, might we suggest a microchip? Summer is here. Fireworks, doors and windows open and close, and lots of visitors wanting to enjoy the great state of Maine at your house. It doesn’t take much for a dog or cat to slip out accidentally. Stop putting it off. It’s time to get your pet(s) microchipped. It is a horrible feeling when your pet goes missing. No one expects it, but you can plan for it now! Microchips quickly identify lost pets and reunite them with their owners. Pope Memorial Humane Society is offering reduced fee pet microchips on Wednesday, June 29th, from 11 am to 4 pm. Microchips will be $20 per animal with no additional fees, ever! If you would like to (and we hope you do) take advantage of this deal, please call the shelter at 207-594-2200 or email. We will answer your questions and set up a time for you to bring your pet(s) in for their microchip.